Top 5 Atlanta Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

There are only 9 neighborhoods in Atlanta (out of 102) where most of adult residents are 35 years old or younger.

Today we will go over top 5 that are favored by young professionals.

Most young professionals rent, and on average stay around 5 years in the same neighborhood. That’s why we also included average starting rental prices and quality of apartment buildings in our analysis.

Young professionals stay the shortest period of time in Buckhead Forest (mostly between 3 and 4 years), which can be explained by the relatively high rental prices, although rating of apartment buildings there is high. Another factor could be that safety in the neighborhood is among the lowest in the city.

Here is the list of the top 5 of them based on the combined neighborhood score that includes safety, quality of schools, and demand for homes. You can view a more detailed neighborhood profile by clicking on each card:

Atkins Park, Virginia Highland
#15 Neighborhood in Atlanta
Population 8,475
Under 35 52%With Bachelor 83%
Avg Rated 3.4From avg $1403.5
Georgia Tech, Marietta Street
#31 Neighborhood in Atlanta
Population 7,232
Under 35 74%With Bachelor 53%
Avg Rated 3.7From avg $1734
Atlantic Station, Loring Heights
#38 Neighborhood in Atlanta
Population 4,167
Under 35 53%With Bachelor 75%
Avg Rated 3.6125From avg $1630.625
Underwood Hills
#44 Neighborhood in Atlanta
Population 2,287
Under 35 53%With Bachelor 75%
Avg Rated 3.6From avg $1528.5
Buckhead Forest, South Tuxedo Park
#49 Neighborhood in Atlanta
Population 3,372
Under 35 56%With Bachelor 84%
Avg Rated 4.16From avg $1609.4
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